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  • FRANK is artificial intelligence retail bot.
  • FRANK will listen to customer and through conversation understand customer’s mobility needs.
  • FRANK delivery solution by searching local SUV inventory, vehicle share programs, lease & rental options.
  • Customer loves FRANK and his unbiased approach to fulfilling customer mobility need.
  • Engagement, SUV sales, data collection, insight into customer needs – delivered as never before possible. On global level. In real-time.

Can one SUV dealer understanding EVERY customer? FRANK can.

Real time analyzing needs of 281,873,205 customers in 72 countries and matching to 29,591 SUV mobility options.

FRANK is always with customer

FRANK can be discovered in leisure

FRANK is present at point of sale

SUV manufacturers get access to unprecedented customer data in real-time

Real-time data mining is used to find the perfect solution for each customer

FRANK continue to serve the same customers in post-purchase period as customer support in-car bot

Do you want FRANK on your side?

Understanding your customer emotions is the key to a long-lasting meaningful connection

  • FRANK access SUV dealers’ local inventory data through API and deliver the best current deals for each customer

  • FRANK is cloud based machine learning system taking advantage of globally spread neural networks

  • FRANK received overwhelming response and acceptance by European and Asian Automotive Companies

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